• Why Fuzion pools?

    Fuzion pools are any shape you want them to be, low maintenance, beautifully finished and incredibly durable. And then, there’s the price.

    The clever Fuzion modular system means you can have a designer pool without the designer price tag.

    Mix and match the incredibly strong panels to create a pool that’s uniquely yours without the cost of transporting and lifting a fibreglass one-size-fits-all shell. Or, indeed, the crippling expense of a concrete pool or laying tens of thousands of bricks.

  • How strong are Fuzion pools?

    Fuzion pools are so strong they’re backed by a lifetime, transferable manufacturer’s warranty. The panels are made from the same type of engineered composite materials used in sea walls (not to mention other more remarkable applications like the nose cones of fighter planes) and are impervious to salt.

  • How long does it take to install a Fuzion pool?

    The Fuzion5010 composite pool is incredibly easy to install thanks to the unique modular panelling system. Once you have decided on a design, drawings are produced for council approval. When approval is granted, it will take 3-4 weekends to install your new pool.

  • Who can install my pool?

    Call Fuzion to source a local pool installer. We will also supply your earthmoving contractor with the installation instructions, council drawings and the dig specifications.

  • Can I build my own pool?

    Yes. Fuzion specialises in helping owner-builders . Building your own pool is both challenging and rewarding but it is important to get expert advice and plan carefully. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

  • Why use composite panels rather than other materials?

    There are countless advantages:

    • The panels fit together like a jigsaw to make the perfect design for your family and home. Fibreglass pools can’t be customised in the same way.
    • Installation is very easy. There’s no need for bricklayers and renderers. The only tradespeople you’ll need are a licensed electrician (1- 2 hours) and, depending on your skills, a concreter (allow one day) to finish the floor of the pool.
    • Avoid the cost and hassle of arranging the cranes, police escorts and road management teams needed to install a fibreglass pool.
    • Greatly reduces transport costs (no heavy trucks). You Fuzion pool will arrive on pallets and can be delivered on standard vehicles.
    • Composite materials are excellent an insulator, so your pool will stay warmer for longer.
    • Composite materials are non-corrosive and salt impervious.
    • The composite surface is smooth and will not break down over time.
    • The Fuzion pool is so strong, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty that stays with the pool, even when your property is sold.

  • How does the installation cost of a Fuzion pool compare?

    The installation cost of a Fuzion pool is normally lower than for fibreglass or concrete pools.

    We recommend you get firm quotes and study the terms and conditions – including the transport and the crane costs – very carefully because cost overruns are common. The savings associated with installing a composite pool will go a long way to covering the costs of landscaping the pool area and safety fences.

  • Are composite pools cold like concrete and fibreglass pools?

    The composite panels of Fuzion pools have excellent insulating properties, which greatly reduce your pool heating requirements and power bills.

    If you are not planning to heat your pool, the extra insulation means warmer water and a longer swimming season.

  • Are Fuzion lap pools available?

    Yes, we supply the most advanced yet affordable lap pools in Australia. The modularity of the Fuzion pool system means you can create a lap pool of any length and even incorporate a play area for entertaining friends and family!

  • Do you service country areas?

    Yes, yes, yes! Fuzion pools are ideal in country areas because transporting their modular panels is so easy and there’s no need for cranes or a team of bricklayers and renderers.

    If a hole can be dug, the rest is straight forward. Most Fuzion pools are delivered by a small truck, on a trailer or even by train.

  • Fuzion pools advantages.

    • Modular system, meaning that parts are easily available.
    • Replacing a liner is more economical than resurfacing other pool types
    • Countless liner designs and color choices.
    • Smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain and is skin friendly.
    • Quality structures are self-supporting
    • Some standard shapes like L-Shapes provide a combination of a large deep end and shallow play areas.
    • Pool components are manufactured in a controlled environment by machinery and have long manufacturer warranties.
    • Can be custom designed to any shape and size and can achieve the high end look of a concrete pool without the high cost.
    • No need for expensive cranes, trucks or traffic control.


  • Fuzion pools versus Concrete Pools.

    • Most expensive pool in the market.
    • Surface is porous and most susceptible to damage caused by water chemistry.
    • Must be resurfaced every 7-15 years at considerable cost.
    • Plumbing is very expensive to repair as it is encased in concrete.


  • Fuzion pools versus Fibreglass Pools.

    • Cannot be custom designed to fit your individual taste, entertainment goals or landscaping desires.
    • When the surface fades or deteriorates, it is very difficult and expensive to resurface.
    • The structure is not self-supporting and may collapse or buckle if emptied.
    • Difficult and expensive to repair and has the potential for very extensive damage.
    • Often requires cranes, trucks and traffic control which adds thousands to the bill.