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The modular Fuzion pool system is a delight for installers and property owners alike. The sheer manageability of the system means Fuzion pool installers:

  • No longer need to manage brick deliveries, bricklayers and renderers
  • Are less exposed to weather-related delays
  • Have no need to organise cranes and heavy truck access
  • Can double their productivity and better handle the pre-Christmas rush


A typical Fuzion pool installation

Installing a Fuzion pool is very straightforward from planning through to completion.

Fuzion provides:

  • Complete installation drawings and installation instructions
  • Engineering reports for standard installations
  • Documentation for council approvals
  • Delivery of all materials to the work site
  • If required, a pre-made liner for standard configurations, so it can be installed the day the concrete is dry.

The materials can be carried to site without a crane or any lifting equipment in minutes. The shell is normally completed in a day. The plumbing is fitted while the concrete floor is poured and the liner added as soon as the concrete has hardened.

New opportunities for pool installers and renovators

The Fuzion pool system offers above ground pool specialists and pool renovators the opportunity to apply their skills in new markets rather than turning away in-ground pool enquiries.

Fuzion welcomes the interest of skilled pool specialists who share our love of top quality pools. Please click on the tab below, complete the form and we will contact you shortly.


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