Build your own pool

  • Apart from the satisfaction of taking control of your project, owner-builders typically slash the construction cost by up to 30 per cent – thousands in savings that could win you a more generous design, landscaping, fencing or fun accessories like a slide!

    The ideal pool for owner-builders, Fuzion pools are designed with owner-builders in mind, whether you choose to build:

    • yourself with the help of friends
    • yourself with two consultation visits
    • yourself, with consultation visits and the liner installed by an approved Fuzion Pools liner installer; or
    • have the pool built by your own team of tradespeople.

    The secret is Fuzion’s modular system. The sides of your pool are constructed with large format, incredibly strong composite panels that bolt together to form its unique shape. There’s simply no need for bricklaying or cranes.

  • Step 1. Design and approvals

    Fuzion walks you through the whole process. We’re with you all the way. Building a Fuzion pool is so much simpler than conventional vinyl lined brick pools and faster, too.

    Once you’ve settled on the shape of your pool, Fuzion creates complete structural engineer-certified design drawings of your pool, ready for council approvals.

    Organize your pool safety fences now because these need to be ready for installation prior to the pool being filled and are part of the licensing process.

  • Step 2. Excavate

    With approvals in place, excavation of the pool site can begin. Fuzion supplies the dig specifications so your contractor can achieve the correct levels.

  • Step 3. Assemble panels and pour concrete

    Your swimming pool is rapidly taking shape; most Fuzion pools can be assembled in less than a week after the excavations are finished.

    Because your Fuzion pool is pre-engineered, it’s only a matter of finding the right levels and fitting the wall panels together. Concrete is poured around the base of the panels and, while the floor is being concreted, the plumbing lines can be fitted.

  • Step 4. Fit the waterproof membrane

    With the concrete set, it’s time to fit the waterproof membrane. As the pool fills, the pool surrounds are backfilled

  • Step 5. Dive in and enjoy!

    Celebrate your new pool with confidence! Your beautiful Fuzion pool will add value to your property and priceless years of family fun.

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