• Composite Bridges

    January 2, 2014Bridge materials have taken another quantum leap into the future. Amazingly, an estimated 7% of global CO2 emissions come from...

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  • World’s first composite floating dock

    April 4, 2012Riverside Marine (Brisbane, Australia) reports a successful collaboration with Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies Mfg. (Toowoomba, Australia) to develop a pontoon...

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    Arie beACH
  • Boeing 787 -from the Ground Up

    June 1, 2006With the 787 Dreamliner, Boeing is using a new approach to design which takes into greater account the cost to...

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  • Composite Materials Sought as Replacement for Steel and Concrete

    March 3, 2002In 1994, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration estimated that 230,000 of the nation’s 575,000 bridges were structurally deficient or functionally...

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