Lap pools

Fuzion5010 Lap Pool

There is nothing quite like swimming a few laps to start the day. In your own lap pool.

Typically, a private lap pool has been out of reach, primarily because they are too long for standard road transport and impossible to install without a crane. Fuzion’s modular system makes lap pool construction more manageable – it comes in smaller, easily transported and installed sections – without compromising quality.

So how long is a Fuzion lap pool? We recommend a minimum of 18 metres for invigorating exercise without too many turns and, yes, you can go much, much further. In fact, why not enhance your lap pool with a breakout area for family fun and entertaining? Fuzion’s modularity means the shape of your new pool is constrained only by the space you have available.

A Fuzion lap pool is an eminently affordable luxury.


Fuzion Lap Pool steps and Hand Rails



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