The Fuzion Advantage

  • Fuzion pools are any shape you want them to be, low maintenance, beautifully finished and incredibly durable. And then, there’s the price.

    The clever Fuzion modular system means you can have a designer pool without the designer price tag.

  • How does the Fuzion pool system work?

    Rather than a fibreglass or concrete shell, Fuzion pools are constructed with engineered composite modular panels that fit together to create the shape and structure of the pool.

    A custom-made waterproof membrane lines the pool, offering a flawless, silky smooth and low-maintenance finish.

  • What are the advantages?

    The modularity of the Fuzion pool system is changing the way Australians think about pools. Now, without the expense and delay of laying thousands of bricks, you can design your own pool.

    Consider the advantages:

    • The Fuzion panels fit together like a jigsaw to make the perfect design for your family and home. Fibreglass pools can’t be customised in the same way.

    • Installation is very easy. There’s no need for bricklayers and renderers. The only tradespeople you’ll need are a licensed electrician (1- 2 hours) and, depending on your skills, a concreter (allow one day) to finish the floor of the pool.

    • Avoid the cost and hassle of arranging the cranes, police escorts and road management teams needed to install a fibreglass pool.

    • Slashes transport costs (no heavy trucks). Your Fuzion pool will arrive on pallets and can be delivered on standard vehicles.

    • Composite materials are a excellent insulator, so your pool will stay warmer for longer. They make pool heating so much more efficient and, even without heating, the extra insulation means warmer water and a longer swimming season.

    • The waterproof membrane is low maintenance and easily replaced for a fresh new look.

    • Made from the same materials used in sea walls, the composite Fuzion panels are non-corrosive and impervious to salt.

    • The panel surface is smooth and will not break down over time.

    • The Fuzion pool is so strong, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty that stays with the pool, even when your property is sold.

  • How does the installation cost of a Fuzion pool compare?

    Without the need for cranes, oversized transport or bricklaying, the installation cost of a Fuzion pool is normally far lower than for fibreglass or concrete pools.

    We recommend you get firm quotes and study the terms and conditions – including the transport and the crane costs – very carefully because cost overruns are common. The savings associated with installing a Fuzion pool will go a long way towards landscaping and safety fences.

  • Are Fuzion lap pools available?

    Yes, we supply the most advanced yet affordable lap pools in Australia. The modularity of the Fuzion pool system means you can create a lap pool of any length and even incorporate a play area for entertaining friends and family!