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The Fuzion swimming pools story starts in country Australia, where good tradespeople are very busy tradespeople indeed. And swimming pools need to be ready in time for a hot Christmas.

After years of struggling with the inevitable delays in building and renovating swimming pools, we thought there just had to be a better and more cost-effective way to build Australian pools.

We found the answer much further afield than expected. The Americans had already developed a remarkable composite material specifically designed for swimming pools that was a perfect fit for Australia’s harsh conditions.

The composite wall system was a simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional bulky fibreglass and high cost concrete pools. But there was nothing cheap and nasty about the finish, which rivals the very best in-ground swimming pool.

Realizing this smart new way of building in-ground swimming pools would be a game changer, Peter teamed up with Garry to create a unique swimming pool company that delivers high quality inground swimming pools at affordable prices. Best of all, this technology makes exceptional pools truly accessible to country Australians for the first time.

Wherever you live in Australia, you can now transform your backyard into the oasis of your dreams.


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